Monday, April 11, 2011

Disappointment With God

I loved this book. Yancey, an evangelical Christian, sets out to answer the three questions "Is God unfair? Is God silent? Is God hidden?" He references a significant amount of scripture and passages from theological works, weaving in personal vignettes throughout, writing in an easy-to-read style that makes him accessible to a wide audience. Yancey does not offer any pat, facile answers to these questions, and does not in any way try to belittle suffering, skepticism or doubts. The only reason I didn't give this work 5 stars is that it seemed a bit scattered to me. Overall, a great read for those who have experienced disappointment with God, or who simply want a good overview of how God has interacted with humans throughout history (and how humans have responded). perhaps, i recommend everyone to purchase z copy of this book. God Bless you folks

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